About us

Medical Center "Medical Dynasty"
Having been founded by a family of doctors the uniqueness of the center lies in the continuity of knowledge, skills and experience coupled with the desire to help others cultivated from an early age passed from one generation to the next.

A small medical center operating in the heart of Saratov, our team of highly specialised doctors continuously train and develop their skills and knowledge, so that we can provide excellence in health-care while being able to draw upon a wide knowledge base if needed to assist in the consultation and deliver personalised care to produce the optimal outcome for each and every patient.

In order to ensure a High level of professional care and optimal health outcomes we invest in the latest modern medical technology, along with continuous education and training for all our staff. Medical Dynasty has some of the Regions highest quality modern medical equipment that allows us to provide the latest up to date treatment options by our team of highly trained health professionals.


We remember the past, live today and make our future better.

Our values

We treat the patient as a whole, not the disease.

Intelligence, education, tact, decency - these qualities we value in our employees

We value traditions, but are always open to new opportunities and professional growth!


City Saratov, street Rahova V. G, 131
Between Vavilova str. and Bolshaya Cossack
in the courtyard of a 16-storey building near the gallery "Kashtan"
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