Dermatology: treatment of skin diseases, removal of skin neoplasms, photodynamic therapy, laser treatment. Fast, painless, effective. Other Dermatology and Oncology treatments also available. Dermatologists, dermatooncologists and oncologists work.

Our dermatologists provide treatment of:

  • Common dermatologic diseasesincluding eczema, psoriasis, acne, skin infections, toxidermia and bullous dermatoses.
  • Benign and malignant skin tumors: nevi (moles), seborrheic keratoses, actinic keratoses, basal cell and squamous cell carcinomas.

They also partake in the treatment of general diseases with dermatologic symptoms (such as lupus or vasculitis).


Otolaryngology (ENT unit – ears, nose, throat): treatment of diseases of the upper respiratory tract, chronic tonsillitis without surgery, photodynamic therapy.

The ENT Unit treats conditions affecting the ears, nose and throat (larynx and pharynx), including infections, deafness, some tumors and surgery of the tonsils (also treatment without surgery with photodynamic therapy), adenoids.

  • Ear disorders (otitis, chronic otitis, persistent pain, hearing loss or “plugged” sensation, whistling or buzzing in the ears)
  • Nose and sinus conditions (snoring, loss of smell, allergy symptoms)
  • Sleep apnea syndrome
  • Throat and larynx disorders (difficulty swallowing, breathing, tumefaction)


Oncology, mammology. Diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the mammary glands. Photodynamic therapy.

The Oncology Unit treats cancer patients at every step of their disease, from diagnosis and choice of therapy to medical and/or surgical treatment and post-therapeutic follow-up. 

Neurology: treatment of the pathology of the nervous system in people of different ages, reflexology, treatment of pain.

The Neurology Unit provides diagnosis and treatment of diseases affecting the brain, 
spinal cord, peripheral nerves and muscles.

Cardiology: diagnosis and treatment of arterial hypertension, heart failure, angina pectoris, arrhythmia, pain in heart region.

The Cardiology Unit of the American Hospital of Paris offers medical and interventional treatment for all heart-related disorders:

  • Diseases of the coronary arteries and cardiac muscle
  • Diseases of the cardiac valves
  • Diseases of the pericardium (acute and chronic pericarditis)
  • Peripheral and central vascular disorders
  • Hypertension (high blood pressure)

Unit include:

  • Consultations by appointment, in general or specialized cardiology, for hypertension, cardiac rhythm disorders, heart failure, coronary disease, sports cardiology, etc.


Rheumatology: diagnosis and treatment of osteoarthritis, arthritis, systemic autoimmune diseases, intraarticular injections.

Rheumatology treats:

  • Spinediseases (low back pain, sciatica, herniated disks, spinal arthrosis)
  • Chronic inflammatory rheumatism(rheumatoid polyarthritis)
  • Benign (osteoporosis)
  • Arthrosisof the limbs
  • Tendondiseases

The main diseases are:

  • Bone, tumoral and infectious diseases
  • Osteoporosis, fractures and vertebral compression
  • Rheumatoid polyarthritis,
  • Psoriatic rheumatism
  • Ankylosing spondylitis

It also treats chronic pain in the arms, legs and back.

The orthopedic surgeons of the American Hospital of Paris are recognized specialists with the necessary skills to treat all disorders affecting the locomotor system:

  • The shoulder
  • The elbow
  • The wrist
  • The hand
  • The hip
  • The knee
  • The ankle
  • The foot
  • Cervical and lumbar spine surgery


Therapy: treatment of diseases of the heart, respiratory organs, joints, kidneys, autoimmune disease.

Internists are specialized in the practice of general medicine. Their role is to:

  • Coordinate complex diagnoses by consolidating the work of the other specialists involved
  • Or personally treat patients suffering from complex diseases(infectious, inflammatory and autoimmune diseases) while consulting their colleagues specializing in these disciplines


Cosmetology: beauty treatments, mesotherapy, dysport administration, cryomassage

Gynecology: treatment of diseases of the reproductive system in children and adults, photodynamic therapy.

Our Unit offers comprehensive medical care and monitoring for women, at every age, provided by gynecologists specializing in hormonology, birth control, menopause and anti-ageing medicine.

  • Functional disorders: hormonal imbalances, functional menstrual disorders, adolescent diseases, pelvic pain syndrome.
  • Genital and urinary infections.
  • Birth control.
  • Breast assessment.
  • Menopause monitoring with hormonal assessment and anti-ageing advice.


Endocrinology: Our endocrinologists provide treatment of:

Endocrine diseases such as those affecting the thyroid and parathyroid glands, adrenal glands, pituitary gland and sexual glands.

  • Metabolic diseasessuch as diabetes, hypercholesterolemia, hypertriglyceridemia and hyperuricemia

They also help in the treatment of obesity, eating disorders and gestational diabetes.


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